MY-D - <<Discrete PDF Cloud Signatures»



Especially in times with social distancing and home office, being able to sign in a legally admissible way is key to ensure prosperity of a society.

Many countries have therefore enacted a signature law.

In Switzerland, this happened over a decade ago and resulted in 943.03 “Bundesgesetz über Zertifizierungsdienste im Bereich der elektronischen Signatur und anderer Anwendungen digitaler Zertifikate (Bundesgesetz über die elektronische Signatur, ZertES)

Ideally, you create your own key material and store it on the SSCD of your choice (USB stick with crypto-chip, smart-card, …).

Then you create a Signing Request  and once approximately every 3 years you will have certify the public key for the legal signing by an accredited issuer and entrust this institution not unduly revoke it thereafter or issue certificates corresponding the same - namely your - identity to other key holder.

Unfortunately, the accredited issuers in Switzerland offer less and less the option that you possess your private key.
For convenience reasons, you now normally have to trust one of these issuers to hold the private key on your behalf and to contact them for every signature.
This came together with web-sites to which you had to upload/expose your pdf document in full and download a signed version of it after you authorized your signature (normally involving your mobile phone)

MY-D congratulates Thomas Lochmatter to have created under Grant 15-2020 a “discrete” way to execute such a cloud signature where the pdf contents do not leave your computer.

This open source light-weight convenient software comes in 2 forms:

  1. Signature in Browser via Web
  2. Signature with Command-Line

Local HTML installation

Licensed under agpl and pca

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